Restrain from Cancellations

Stay away from cancelling orders, however don’t hesitate in cancelling an order from which it would appear that a gig will get under 5 stars. This is extremely pivotal and I am certain that the “real sellers” out there would genuinely know the importance of it. You know obviously that most intelligent buyers are oriented to find a seller on Fiverr based upon their ratings. This pretty much explains the reasons as to why highly rated sellers would certainly deliver quality work in an extremely professional behavior in adequate time. They have already been tried. Therefore, you would need as many as possible positive reviews on each one of your Gigs which would increase your chances to get more requests.

When you do have a request however, it is essential to ask the buyer for a positive review in a humble and polite manner while you’re completing the order. Try not to give the purchaser a chance to leave a negative comment. While making a gig do keep one thing in mind, that is to let them know that on the off chance, if they are unsatisfied with your work, they should message you before leaving a negative comment. If they’re still not satisfied, please ask them to cancel or drop the request.

A negative review is not worth the $4-$5 which you would earn the maximum out of that order. You don’t need that calamitous review (I suggest) you drop the order. Another thing, which you should always keep in mind that there would be those contenders on buyers which would be leaving negative comments deliberately.

Once more, attempt to be as kind and expert as conceivable with these individuals and on the off chance that they seem disappointed or anything offers them a refund for their money and drop the request and the case finishes there.

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