Earn money by becoming a Fiverr affiliate

As you may already know, Fiverr is a huge platform with many sellers and buyers. You can take part in this success very easily. Fiverr will give you money (15$-50$) for every new user that you bring them.

To do that you need to sign to their affiliate program here .

There, you get a link with your own Fiverr-id on it and Fiverr knows that you should get paid if a new user clicks this link and buys something.

For instance you can create a link to a specific seller that is doing a good job or just a link to the front page. Thank share on social media / blogs / friends and family. This platform is really great and you can find awesome services and products very cheaply, so it’s easy to recommend.

So to sum up:

  1. Sign to the affiliate program here .
  2. Create a link.
  3. Share with others.

Easy right? Good luck!

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